Cole Palmer to be given a new role under Pochettino?


The 21-year-old joined Chelsea from Man City in September this year. Since his arrival at Chelsea, he has scored 6 goals and given 4 assists in 15 appearances for the blues. With some of these goals coming at the most important matches, like a late penalty goal against City to salvage a point. And one against Tottenham when Spurs were the league leaders, in a 4-1 thrashing. Chelsea were in a good form in the prem, but then they suffered a 1-4 loss against Newcastle. This lack of consistency is proving to be difficult for Chelsea as they struggle in the Premier League this season. But former Chelsea defender Glen Johnson has a solution to this issue the blues are facing. He thinks bringing the best out of Cole Palmer can help Chelsea.

Glen Johnson on Cole Palmer and his position change

Talking to Squawka, Glen Johnson claimed that the 21-year-old should be operated centrally, just behind the striker. Glen urged Pochettino to move Cole Palmer into a number ten role in order to get the best out of him. He insisted that this will bring out the best of the player, and hence the best of the team. He said,

“He’s obviously got a great mentality stepping up for penalties and performing against his old team. He looks calm on the ball, looks like he’s enjoying his football and it’s good to see, I think he’s the real deal.
I prefer to see him in the middle, behind the striker, At the moment, I don’t think he’s quick or strong enough to be isolated one on one with defenders and is best receiving it on the half turn and being clever with his passes into strikers.

He’s the sort of player strikers love to play with, but I don’t think that he’s the kind of player a full-back hates to play against one on one on. He’s intelligent and can play through the lines in the middle, and that’s where he should be used by Chelsea.”

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