Mixed emotions regarding Cristiano Ronaldo

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Cristiano Ronaldo caught attention of the whole football world after his performance against Slovenia in the quarter-finals of the Euro 2024. It was a scene that nobody expected to witness ever.

Cristiano Ronaldo broke down into tears after his crucial penalty got saved by Jan Oblak in the 114th minute of the extra-time. No one expected Ronaldo to not score from the penalty spot. But it was an incredible save by the Atletico Madrid goalkeeper. He was utterly heartbroken and received constant support from his teammates, particularly from Manchester United right back Diogo Dalot. All his teammates came to support their captain without any hesitations.

Still, Ronaldo was able to make amends for his mistake by scoring in the shoot-outs. He was the first one in the line-up to take the first penalty shot. After scoring, he even apologised to his fans to which the fans reciprocated their love for their legend perfectly.

But there were many mixed reactions shown on pundit platforms and the internet regarding Cristiano Ronaldo.

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World’s reaction regarding Cristiano Ronaldo

There were different kinds of reactions that came out after this incident with Cristiano Ronaldo. The fans are always there to support their idol. They were all there showing their love either on the ground or on the Internet. Fans started chanting Cristiano Ronaldo’s name all over the stadium. On the Internet, many expressed beautiful and heartfelt reactions. Many used the phrases ‘Legend’, ‘My GOAT’ and many more. One even tweeted, “Shows why he is one of the best”.

Ex-Manchester City player and pundit Micah Richards said that it showed the passion Ronaldo has for the game.

But former Germany international Didi Hamann did not hold back on his words.

“I just found it utterly embarrassing what he did because it’s a team game.”

Didi Hamann on Cristiano Ronaldo breaking down into tears

The most surprising and disrespectful action, however, was done by BBC Sports Network. While showing the highlight of Ronaldo missing the penalty, they displayed his name as Misstiano Penaldo. This was a very disrespectful way of calling someone as great as Cristiano Ronaldo.

The response of Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo knew he would get a lot of attention worldwide. Many have never seen him breakdown like this. The man like him with such a strong mentality breaking down like that was very much unexpected. But the man himself came out and told everything in the post-match conference.

“It is without a doubt my last European Championship. But I don’t get emotional about that, I get emotional about everything that football involves.”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s response

Right now, the Portuguese is fully focused on his quarter-finals match against Kylian Mbappe’s France. His and his team’s only priority right now is to win every match and win the Euro.

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