Manchester United unveil new 2024/25 home kit

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Manchester United have released their home kit for the next season and it is loved by the fans already. Adidas has accomplished in making yet another incredible kit for the Red Devils. They received heavy praise especially from social media platforms like Instagram and X (formerly known as Twitter). The design of the jersey was made with a concept from the times of Busby Babes. Overall, the kit has received an incredible amount of love and support all over the Internet and the fans are ready to buy the kit immediately.

Breaking down the kit of Manchester United

The home kit of Manchester United for the 2024/25 season is exceptional. Adidas has made yet another beautiful jersey for the Red Devils. The home kit carries the same traditional colours: red jersey, white shorts and black socks. The base of jersey is red in colour. It is a bit of a gradient with different shades of red. The colour goes a bit darker when going from the neck to the waist of the jersey. Along with that, Adidas have added their iconic three stripes over the shoulders. They have added two thin stripes at the end of the jersey which extends to the shorts. These stripes are fluorescent red in colour which is a concept from the times of the Busby Babes in Manchester United. This design was made so that the players could find themselves on the ground during those times.

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Infront of the jersey, the logo of the new sponsors has been printed. Snapdragon has replaced the previous sponsors which were TeamViewer. Other than that, left side carries the logo of Manchester United, and on the right is the Adidas logo. The shorts are white in colour. There are two red wide fluorescent stripes at either side of the shorts. The Adidas logo, on the shorts, is red in colour. The socks are black in colour. In front, the iconic Red Devil is there. Overall, it’s the perfect jersey Adidas could make for Manchester United. It suits perfectly with what Manchester United is and what they represent.

Manchester United kit promotion

Manchester United promoted their kits on all of their social media platforms. They uploaded a picture of Rasmus Hojlund, Alejandro Garnacho and Kobbie Mainoo wearing the new kits and posing like their iconic celebration. They shared another picture with some other players wearing the new kit. The picture had players like Rashford and McTominay.

They also uploaded a promotional video for the home kit. The video featured one of the biggest legends of all time – Eric Cantona. According to him, the jersey defines what the club represents.

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