Premier League
The English Premier League or the EPL (The Football Association Premier League Limited) is one of Europe’s top 5 leagues. The English League is the highest level of English football. Each club plays one home and one away match against every other team in the league during the course of the season.
Premier League History
Following the 1991–92 season, first-division clubs formed the league. This took place to maximise English football’s economic potential. It is now generally regarded as the best football league in the world. The background of the Premiership was a bleak period for English club football. The biggest clubs in the country began discussions about a new independent league. The attendances were record low and the league were notorious for hooligans. The league started without a TV coverage since the parts couldn’t agree upon a deal in 1985-86. The establishment of the top-flight league meant a historical divide of the top-level division from the Football League.
Premier League Format
The worst placed teams would get relegated to the second level and vice versa. A win is worth three points, a draw is worth one point, and a loss is worth none. If there is a tie for the championship or relegation, the teams play a play-off match to determine the rank. Teams compete against each other in the league table first by total points, then by goal difference, and at last by goals scored.

There is a system of promotion and relegation in Premier League and EFL Championship. Bottom three teams of Premier League are to Championship and top two teams get promoted to Premier League. And there is additional team promoted following a series of play-offs between the clubs finishing third, fourth, fifth, and sixth. 
Title Winners

Manchester United have won the League 20 times in history. That is the most any club has ever achieved. The closest club is Liverpool with 19  League titles. United’s most recent title victory was in 2013. While Liverpool recently broke their 30-year title drought in 2019.

Arsenal stand third as they have won 13 League titles. Everton have won the league 9 times following Arsenal. Whereas, Aston Villa have lifted the trophy 7 times in their history. The Premier League’s rich history has several fairytale stories. No one expected Leicester City to win the title in 2015-16.

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