Furious Copenhagen player blasts Manchester United star after a great win

Manchester United

Copenhagen were not happy with Manchester United youngster Alejandro Garnacho after the first match between the two sides, and they remain unhappy with the winger.

Alejandro Garnacho riled up the Copenhagen players at Old Trafford after he was spotted scuffing the penalty spot before Jordan Larsson’s late spot-kick miss.

He criticised later by their manager Jacob Neestrup, who said it was unsportsmanlike and even deserving of a red card.

Now, Garnacho has been accused of attempting to do the same at Copenhagen before their spot-kick last night.

Copenhagen star hits out at Manchester united youngster Alejandro Garnacho

Copenhagen awarded a penalty in stoppage time at the end of the first half after a handball decision went their way.

It was scored by Diogo Goncalves with minimal fuss, however, Copenhagen’s Slovakian defender Denis Vavro claims Alejandro Garnacho tried to repeat his trick.

Their players prepared for it this time and did not let him.

Vavro angrily told Bold.dk: “I saw that he tried to do something about the penalty kick, but Kevin Diks stood in front and blocked.

“It is the second time. And then on our track? To me he is a clown.

“He has the mentality of a child when he tries something like this again. In an away game.

“One thing is at home in the 97th minute, but here in the first half. I don’t understand him trying to do that.”

Copenhagen’s stars clearly rattled by Alejandro Garnacho, with 30-year-old midfielder Lukas Lerager admitting

He had a tense exchange with the Manchester United forward in the second half.

He claims that he told Garnacho some home truths after he felt he dived under his challenge.

Lerager said: “Sometimes people in the big clubs have to bow their heads a little. Just know that they are human too.

“There is just a situation where I take the ball from him inside the field, where he throws himself,

And then I tell him some things that are not so nice, but still with respect for him as a person.

“It just doesn’t suit such a man. And then they need to know.”

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