Alejandro Garnacho of Man United Tipped as Messi’s Successor

In the world of football, transitions between generations of talent are inevitable. With the legendary Lionel Messi winding down his career, Argentina has been on the lookout for the next footballing sensation to step into his shoes. Manchester United’s young star, Alejandro Garnacho, is the name now making waves as the potential heir to the Messi throne.

Alejandro Garnacho in Argentina:

Lionel Messi won the World Cup in 2022 and decided to play in a different league, Major League Soccer (MLS) with Inter Miami, leaving Europe. But his home country, Argentina, still needs him to play soccer. He’s 36 years old now, and people are worried about his body because he only played 35 minutes in his last MLS game, where they lost to FC Cincinnati.

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Messi is going to play in some important games, but it’s not sure if he can play the whole time because he hasn’t played a full 90 minutes since September 4. So, this opens a chance for a young player named Alejandro Garnacho. A newspaper in Argentina called La Nacion thinks that Alejandro Garnacho can be the new guy to take Messi’s place sometimes. They say Garnacho might play in the games against Paraguay and Peru.

Garnacho in the Mix:

The people who help Argentina’s soccer team are very excited about Alejandro Garnacho. They think he’s really good at playing soccer and can make great things happen, especially when he’s on the left side. Sometimes the team needs someone to do special things in the game, and Alejandro Garnacho might be the one to help against strong teams like Paraguay.

Argentina’s team is missing another player named Angel di Maria for some important games. Even though another player, Nicolas Gonzalez; will probably play instead, Garnacho is trying really hard to be on the team and play next to Messi; not just sitting and waiting for his turn.


This report from La Nacion exemplifies the high hopes Argentina has for Garnacho as they embark on the journey to defend their World Cup title in 2026. His potential inclusion in the national team paints a promising picture for both club and country; especially in the absence of injured World Cup winner Lisandro Martinez; who may not play again until 2024. Manchester United, mindful of Martinez’s recovery, will be banking on Garnacho to shine on both fronts.

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