Chris Sutton calls the 26-year-old Arsenal player “horrible” and says he would bench him


Chris Sutton recognized that Eddie Nketiah would start ahead of the Arsenal star because of his finishing ability. Although he praised Gabriel Jesus for being atrocious.

Sutton was speaking to BBC Radio Five Live’s The Monday Night Club following Nketiah’s incredible hat-trick.

At the Emirates, Eddie Nketiah was the star of the show. As he contributed to the Arsenal’s 5-0 victory over Sheffield United on Saturday.

Although Nketiah was given the opportunity to start in the Premier League matchup due to Gabriel Jesus’ injury.

For Chris Sutton, Gabriel Jesus is behind Eddie Nketiah

Talking on The Monday Night Club, Chris Sutton  thinks Nketiah has the ability to disprove those who doubt him, especially if he can incorporate a nasty element into his play.

He told: “I’m not going to write Nketiah off at all because I think he is so talented that that [nastiness] can still come.”

“It’s interesting, Alan Shearer’s comments on Nketiah, did he say he’d never be the first-choice number nine or words to that effect? I think he’s a really talented player. The way he took his first goal, brilliant, brilliant touch and awareness. And everybody talks about the third goal. But he is a finisher. He is. He’s 24 years old. He still has time on his side. So I wouldn’t go as far as what Alan said about him, because I do think he has time. Look at Ian Wright, got into the game late, really, really developed and kicked on,”

Sutton added: “So Jesus has great attributes, but one of them, I think it’s fair to say, isn’t being a natural finisher. I think we’d all agree that Nketiah is a better natural finisher than Jesus. But what is Jesus? He is horrible. If you had a bit of both, they’d be perfect, wouldn’t they?”

“I’d start him then,” he replied when pushed on whether he would pick Nketiah over Jesus following his comments.”

Things around Eddie Nketiah

Despite the fact It does seem like  Nketiah will constantly have obstacles to overcome.

When  he was brought into the Arsenal team adhering to Gabriel Jesus’s serious injury  at the  World Cup the previous year, he performed a  fantastic job.

To negate it, some are now pointing that Nketiah’s hat-trick came against Sheffield United.

The number of goals he needs to score before his detractors concede they could have erred will be fascinating to watch.

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