Carragher says one Arsenal manager has completely changed as a person

Mikel Arteta

Jamie Carragher has now been discussing a big change that he’s noticed since in Mikel Arteta since he was appointed Arsenal manager.

Arteta has become something of a polarising figure, loved by Gunner fans and loathed by those in opposition camps.

The manager doesn’t hide his emotion on the touchline, he’s full of character,

And that has often led to disciplinary procedures.

That being said, Jamie Carragher has now described a big difference in Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta as a manager, in comparison to his playing days.

Speaking on the ‘Stick to Football’ podcast, Carragher said: “There was one [incident] he was booked for a Luton which was just nonsense.

Carragher thinks Arsenal manger Mikel Arteta has changed so much as a manager

“He has gone outside [the manager’s box] but they have scored a last minute goal. He got booked. That was nonsense.

“He was obviously shouting on to the referee and fourth official [at the weekend vs Brighton].

“But there is no doubt they are looking for Arteta because he is lively. I sometimes think he is that close to the pitch. Sometimes if I was playing I’d be like… he’s trying to close you down!

“The thing that fascinates me about Arteta is that what I see on the touchline,

it’s almost like a completely different person to the one I played against. He wasn’t really that emotional.

“We played derby games, he was one of Everton’s best players, he was a silky player, but you would never think he was into his own players or the referee.

Of course, there will be very few Arsenal fans wishing for Arteta to change now.

Part of the manager’s brilliance is his intensity, he is passionate about the most minor details

Moreover, his reactions on the touchline embody that level of effort, a manager who truly kicks every ball with his team.

And if Arsenal are to return to being a side that can win trophies and titles, they will owe a lot to Arteta.

It’ll probably be refreshing for Arsenal fans to see Carragher leaping to Arteta’s defence on this occasion given many are often quick to criticise.

But looking ahead to Arsenal’s trip to Liverpool on the weekend, 

Jamie Carragher didn’t quite agree with Ian Wright’s prediction for the game.

That being said, if Arsenal and Liverpool draw on Saturday, 

Unai Emery’s Aston Villa could easily be top for Christmas Day.

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