Sutton left baffled after what he’s heard Carragher say about Liverpool


Chris Sutton has shut down Jamie Carragher’s opinion that Liverpool can’t challenge for the Premier League title this season.

Speaking on the It’s All Kicking Off Podcast, the pundit was baffled by the former Anfield defender’s recent comments that the Reds still don’t have enough to challenge for the league.

Liverpool this weekend left it to secure a point away to Luton Town,

Where Luis Diaz’s late heroics saw the Reds return to Merseyside with something after a night to forget in Bedfordshire.

Still, despite the result, there’s no denying that Liverpool still have what it takes to compete for the Premier League,

With Sutton confident that the Reds will do just that.

Sutton said on Carragher’s comments: “Do I think Liverpool will win the league? No. Do I think Liverpool can really put a challenge in? Yes, I do.

“I don’t why Jamie Carragher has written them off as such. As well as Luton played yesterday, and they did play well,

They were really resilient, Liverpool still missed a lot of chances, big chances.”

Liverpool need to believe they can challenge for the Premier League

This season is very much one of transition for Liverpool, with talk of challenging for the title this summer something few fans would have even dared to bring up.

However, some 11 games into the Premier League, and there Liverpool are,

Sat in third place behind Manchester City and the unbeaten Tottenham, who history tells us won’t be there for long.

Indeed, reds need to believe they can challenge for the title,

And this season will be as good as any to show the world who they are now after a year off last term.

This season is more of a transition for the Reds with their midfield completely transformed. However,

After 11 games, Liverpool stands third in table behind Manchester City and Tottenham.

Indeed, the Reds need to believe they can still go for the title.

Though, Klopp has always been a mentality monster at big moments and fans will hope to see their club regaining their glory this season.

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