Journalist says Alisson Becker Liverpool star is the best player in League


Liverpool are in a very good position because there is a case to be made for a lot of the club’s players that they are the best in the Premier League.

From Mohamed Salah to Virgil van Dijk – in almost every position Jurgen Klopp has at least one world-class player. However, one player who is often not recognised in the same regard but deserves to is Alisson Becker.

Goalkeepers are often underappreciated in football, and you don’t quite realise just how good they are until they are gone.

In the general discourse, Alisson’s name is rarely mentioned among the best players in the Premier League. However, one BBC journalist seems to think that is unfair.

Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker praise by the journalist

Speaking on BBC 5 Live, Rory Smith discussed just how highly he regards Alisson Becker,

Describing him as someone who could be the best player in the league.

 “I think you can make a case that Alisson is the best player in the Premier League in his position,

That he might well be the best player in the Premier League.

You would never say that because he’s a goalkeeper, he’s not Kevin de Bruyne or Erling Haaland,

But Alisson is so exceptional as a goalkeeper that it’s worth considering,” Smith said.

However, he also added that he thinks the Liverpool goalkeeper will never win accolades like the Footballer of the Year award.

“He has been the standout performer in the Premier League. He will never it it [Footballer of the Year] because he’s a goalkeeper. But that’s slightly unfair. I think he’s the standout player in the Premier League thus far. I think he’s been flawless.”

We definitely agree with Smith, Alisson is overlook far too often as a contender for these awards even though he deserves it. Signed for £67m as per Sky Sports – every bit of that money has been a bargain.

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