Journalist says ‘bubble bursting’ at Emirates lead the Stadium to a poor atmosphere


Journalist Paul Brown makes a daring statement on Arsenal about the atmosphere at Emirates Stadium.

Because of their team’s recent results, Arsenal supporters have had their bubble burst, which has resulted in unacceptable atmospheres at the Emirates Stadium this season.

But Arsenal is the same team, last season who have the most charging atmosphere while they were chasing title. This season they even have champions league football also.

Arsenal Fans Had High Hopes

Gunners fanbase is already known as the most loyal fanbase. The community is waiting to touch the premier league since 2004.

Although, after started a electrifying campaign everyone thought that its would be a dream came true season for Arsenal.

Following the craze tickets for the season’s final game had been offered for tens of thousands of pounds. There were rumours that some were even selling for as much as £53,000 in March.

That’s how much people wanted to be at the Emirates Stadium when Arsenal won the Premier League.

That did not come to pass, as Arsenal gave up a commanding lead to Manchester City, who took advantage of the Gunners’ late-season stumbles to win the Premier League for the third time in a row.

Paul Brown on atmosphere at the Emirates Stadium

Journalist Brown responded to a popular social media post made by an Arsenal supporter, as he said:

“I think there was such excitement about Arsenal last season and they really captured the imagination with their run and being top for so long that I think it created a huge surge of emotion and maybe the bubble burst a little bit by the end of the campaign, because they fell away and all that expectation and excitement kind of drained out of the supporters. And now I think they’re waiting to see signs that all of that can be renewed. I think it’s just a bubble bursting really and I think the players and Mikel Arteta need to give them something to get excited about again.”

But there is no reason to believe that the Emirates Stadium won’t be back to its peak. Thus far they need touch more heights compare than previous season.

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