Pep Guardiola alluded to a reduced Man City rotation

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In the final few weeks of the season, Pep Guardiola has suggested that it might be more difficult for players to make their way back into the starting lineup.

Manchester City’s domestic and international campaigns are about to get intense. If they achieve their desired results in their final three games before the international break, they will return in April. That too with the Premier League title, a Champions League quarterfinal, and an FA Cup semifinal to play for.

For the trip to Crystal Palace this weekend, Guardiola is anticipated to have a fully fit team to pick from. Phil Foden’s foot free of any problems. Also Kyle Walker practising as usual despite the charges made against him this week. The manager also said that, while juggling the pressures of going for several trophies. Guardiola won’t need to change as frequently as he does earlier in the season.

“Rotation will be important but not like it is in September, October, November,” Guardiola said. “The guys who are good and confident will continue to play. This is my feeling now.”

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Guardiola to continue players who are confident enough

Since their victory over Newcastle on Saturday, City has had the relative luxury of a full week between games. After a few days off, the players returned to multiple days of training together, which has made Guardiola feel more like a manager again after spending nearly all of February travelling. In the awareness that they probably won’t have another week like this when they can discuss such matters, the gang has made the most of their time together.

“We review things we cannot do when you play every three days: actions from set pieces, or actions that are annoying – not annoying but where you have prioritised one thing and then it is the other one. When you have a long week you can say ‘ok for a long time we haven’t spoken about this, let’s practise it,'” Guardiola said.

“Three games are coming in a short time and after the international break if we go through in the knockout competitions – which hopefully will happen – April is so demanding as well. So we review things that we can do without losing our principles.”

“The last month we had five games away, and spent ten minutes on the [training] pitch. There was no time to do anything.”

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