Manchester City to be ‘monitored closely’ by UEFA for Fair Play breaches

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Manchester City are set to be closely monitored by the football association UEFA for Financial Fair Play breaches but have escaped punishment.

The Cityzens have something to worry about in terms of the financial fair play which speaks of signings and transfers. UEFA identified eight such clubs who have breached the code of conduct and will face a fine by the body.

AC Milan, Marseille, Monaco, Inter Milan, Juventus, PSG, Roma, and Besiktas have not complied with the FFP rules by UEFA. Moreover, it is understood that the clubs will have to pay a total of €172 million as fine.

Manchester City escape FFP breach

It is necessary for the clubs across Europe to attain a break-even in order to escape the breach in conduct. However, Manchester City and 18 other clubs will need to provide additional financial information and will be monitored closely.

As for City, UEFA addressed the club saying-

“The Blues were ‘able to technically fulfil the break-even requirement”

However, UEFA reminded the clubs that the body will closely take a look into the finances managed till the next year. UEFA also commented on the aforementioned eight clubs in their statement and what will need to be done.

In the statement it says-

“The CFCB First Chamber reminded these clubs that as from financial year 2023 these exceptional COVID deductions and consideration of historical financial results will no longer be possible.

 The eight clubs will provide additional financial information and monitored closely in the period.

 The goal of course is that the clubs’ overall financial situation is in compliance with the UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Sustainability Regulations– Edition 2022 in coming years.”

Now, even though City have escaped the breach, the club will need to be careful in the management of finances.

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