Simon Jordon criticizes former Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel

Thomas Tuchel

Chelsea are very likely to part ways with Mauricio Pochettino at the end of the season. Many names have been linked with the blues as the potential replacment for Pochettino. Three former Chelsea managers will be available in the summer market this year. Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte currently are free and available. Thomas Tuchel is the third former manager who will be looking for a job in summer. Bayern Munich have already confirmed about Tuchel’s leaving at the end of the season. Simon Jordon however thinks that Chelsea should not go after Thomas Tuchel.

Jordon makes a bold statement about Tuchel

While talking about Tuchel, the former Crystal Palace owner said that the german manager affects the unity of the team. He said Tuchel is the manager who Divides the squad according to The Chelsea Chronicle. Although it seems as a bold statement, Jordon stood firmly on this words. He also added that no big club will go after Tuchel. According to him big clubs study the manager thoroughly and then take decisions. Clubs like Real Madrid, Arsenal, Liverpool will not consider him as he raises the tension in the squad and disturbs unity.

Despite Jordon having not so good view about Tuchel, the German still is the last good manager Chelsea had. Tuchel managed to win Champions League with Chelsea. When he was sacked, the blues were on 6th position in Premier League which was not very good but currently are at worse case than that. Former Chelsea managers Antonio Conte and Jose Mourinho also had good seasons with Chelsea before their departures. Both managed to win League titles with the blues. Mourinho had two spells with Chelsea. His second spell was not as good as his first one, but still won Premier League in it. With summer window approaching, the club will have to take some hard decisions and find a perfect fit if they want to replace Pochettino.

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