Football Betting Options: Interesting Types of Wagers to Spice Things Up


There is no denying that football is the most popular sport to watch, play, and bet on around the world. As things stand, there are more than 3 billion fans following the game worldwide. Many of these fans use sportsbooks online to place bets. But, what are the most popular types of bets that football fans make? In this article, we are going to talk about the different football wagers that have made the sport a massive success.

Match Bets

As is the case with any sport, the most popular options when it comes to football betting are Match Bets. Other names for the bet type may be To Win bets or Game Score bets. When people talk about Match Bets in football betting, what they are referring to is wagers placed on the final score of a single game. 

For example, in an upcoming game, Manchester City is going to be playing against Fulham. The odds are in Man City’s favor, so a lot of people will probably be placing a wager for the Sky Blues to win the game. That wager could be considered a match bet, as it is a simple bet on a single match. Match bets are, by far, the most popular option for many punters, and the first choice for most newbies. 

Draw No Bet

The Draw No Bet (DNB) option is a very popular new trend at many online sportsbooks. We could consider it a subcategory of match bets. However, the DNB comes with a huge catch (and benefit). As the name may suggest, if a punter places a Draw No Bet wager, they get their stake back if the game ends in a draw. 

Let’s take the upcoming Fulham vs Man City game as an example once again. If a punter decides that they want to back Fulham, they would place a bet on the team. If Fulham were to win, against all odds, the player gets a payout. If City were to win the game though, the player would lose their stake. 

But, if the game were to end in the score of 0 – 0, that would be quite a big disappointment already. So, a DNB bet does not add further to a punter’s disappointment. Instead, they get a return on their stake, and can go on to wager on the next match. 

Prop Bets

Prop bets, short for proposition bets, are a pretty big category of wagers that encompass any proposition made by a certain punter. The category is a bit too broad to name all of the available options, but the following are some of the most popular prop bets that you will find at most bookies when discussing football…

  • First Player to Score: a bet on which player will be the first to score a goal.
  • First Team to Score: a bet on which team will score the first goal. 
  • Any Time Goal Scorer: a prediction on which player will score a goal at any point during the game.
  • Best Goal Scorer: a bet on which player will score the most goals during a game.

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