How Online Slots Can Fill the Void of the Football Off Season


The football season is coming to a close, which means fans everywhere will be starting to think about the next campaign.

We already know that there will be changes at some of the biggest clubs. Jurgen Klopp is leaving Liverpool and the club has more or less confirmed his replacement.

That will not be the only difference by the time the next season starts, as there may also be new managers at clubs like Chelsea and Manchester United. This is all speculation at the moment though, as there is a long summer close season ahead.

It will leave a lot of dedicated football fans wondering just what they are supposed to do to fill the time. Of course there will be gossip and transfer talk, but most will need more than just that.

Fortunately a solution may be at hand, in the surprising shape of an online casino game.

Not So Surprising Slots

Actually, the notion that a casino game could be the answer to the long dead months of summer for football fans is not so very surprising. Many supporters supplement their passion for the game by betting on the outcomes of the matches, so the excitement that gambling can provide is something that they are already aware of.

The switch from sports betting to online casino is not a radical one and a lot of football fans will find it instantly congenial. Some of them are regular slot players of course and there are particular games that are popular among football fans. Here are just a few of them.

  • Gates of Olympus

It is hard to say for sure why this game about the ancient gods has become such a hit with football fans, but it has. Then again, Gates of Olympus has taken casino sites by storm, so football fans may just be the same as everyone else in embracing it.

It can be bet on for just 20p per pay line, although there is also the option of raising those bets as high as £25. It has great features too, including Tumble, which sees the reels tumble down automatically after a win – potentially producing more wins.

Landing one cash win after another from a single bet will certainly help to blow away any close season blues that you are feeling.

  • Soccer Safari

Most of the other slots that football fans like to play have themes that are based on the game. One good example of that is the Soccer Safari slot, which has a theme of animals playing their own quirky World Cup tournament in the jungle.

This is a Microgaming slot, which stands as a guarantee of quality. It also has some of the best and funniest slot graphics around, as the various animals try to play football while a giraffe acts as the referee!

The bonus game is called Go for Goal and scoring penalties in it can bring cash prize wins.

  • Football Frenzy

This is another football themed slot that will make for a smart close season choice. It is a game that follows the typical online slot format of four rows with five reels on them and it has a lot of pay lines that can be activated by betting.

Beyond those basic game mechanics, it is football all the way though. The wild reel icon – which fills in for others to make matching reels – is a striker. The scatter icon that triggers the bonus rounds is a football stadium.

Those bonus rounds are football-themed too and the Striker Mode one can multiply wins by three-times the bet.

  • Football Star

Another slot based on the beautiful game that will while away the summer months pleasingly is this one from Microgaming. It has reel icons of football players, with a ball as the scatter and a football star logo as the wild. 

There are lots of fun and lucrative features in this game. They include collapsing reels that can trigger multiple wins and stacked wild icons. 

Why Online Slots?

There is more than one choice available to football fans when they are looking for things to do during the close season. Some fans like to get involved in five-a-side football in their local area, while others choose to follow different summer sports.

The big advantage of online slots though is that they can replicate some of the adrenaline rush and thrill that supporting your team provides during the season. Playing these games means that you are wagering real money on the spin of the reels and there is a buzz to that. 

Those football fans that have not already discovered the pleasures of slot games should look into it as the long summer break begins.

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