How To Do In-Play Betting for the UEFA EURO 2024 Championship


The time is now! The UEFA EURO 2024 just began on June 14, 2024, where there will be an entire month jam-packed with football matches between the best teams within 6 groups of 4 teams each that will knock each other out through the group stage to get to the finals. In-play betting is one of the many ways that EURO 24 Betting can happen. By familiarizing yourself with the match schedule, always being on the hunt for historical data, and analyzing real-time stats during a match, you will become an in-play betting aficionado for EURO 2024!

Familiarize Yourself With the Match Schedule

 In this industry, in-play betting involves placing your wagers within the duration of a football match happening. Familiarizing yourself with the UEFA EURO 2024 match schedule will help you to plan out when you should be conducting pre-game research to get ready for in-play betting as the match is underway. 

Even though you will be betting in the middle of the match, you must be sure you have enough research under your belt beforehand so you are making the smartest bets feasible. 

Collect Historical Data Before the Match

Betting on a match outcome is one of the most novice ways to start your betting journey, especially if you are new to football betting. With any bet type, it’s essential to collect historical data before spectating the game to place in your in-play bet. 

Say that you want to bet on the France versus Poland match for June 25, 2024. You should be collecting historical data not only from earlier in the season before UEFA EURO 2024 Championship started, but also any match performance and player stats most recently achieved from since the championship has started. 

For example, there are two matches that Poland will be participating in before their final group stage match against France. Their first group stage match against the Netherlands yesterday ended in a loss of 2 to 1. The second group stage match will be against Austria on Friday, June 21, 2024, which the win or loss on Poland’s end from that match can be a part of what helps you to determine if you believe that France will win or if Poland will claim victory or if it will end in a draw. 

France will also have two group stage matches before going against Poland on June 25th with the first one being June 17, 2024 against Austria. Again, how these matches end in a win or loss for France as well as overall team performance over the entirety of the football season and key player stats are essential for making an informed match outcome bet. 

Analyze the Real-Time Statistics As They Happen

Of course, the best strategy for in-play betting during the UEFA EURO 2024 Championship is to watch the match of interest live so you are updated with all the play-by-play changes in the matchup. It’s best to be attentive to specific gaming metrics that could turn the tides of the match into one team’s favor or the other such as how often each team has had possession of the ball throughout the game. 

Other metrics you should be aware of can be answered through these questions:

  • How many shots have been made on target for each team this game? 
  • What was the starting play formation?
  • Have any substitutions been made during the game? How does the player stats of the player called for substitution differ from the original player taken out of the lineup?
  • How strong is each team when it comes to interceptions to get the ball on to their side of the field?

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