Chelsea and Newcastle aiming to sign young French Midfielder.

Newcastle United

Chelsea and New Castle United are the two premier clubs of England. While the former is having a tough time since last season. The latter is playing head to head against the top teams of Europe this season. Chelsea and NewCastle aiming to sign a specific player has been in the news recently. Moreover, the young player about whom we are talking about is expected to be available for less than £25 million. Given the fact that he’s young, both the premier league giants want to acquire him.

We are talking about the 20 year old Frenchman Rayan Cherki. The youngster has his contract expiring after this season. Furthermore, there are no statements or reports that say that Lyon are going for a contract extension. But it’s also a matter of question that are they willing to sell him in the coming months or not. This technically gifted player needs to be at a much competitive league and premier league looks the best fit for him. Moreover, getting into any of the above mentioned clubs is only gonna improve his performance as he’s going to be playing with and against the best players of the world if he makes a move to England.

What’s special about the player that he’s got Chelsea and Newcastle aiming for him.

According to caughtoffside, both Chelsea and Newcastle are monitoring the young midfielder’s situation with keen interest. Moreover, the player will also be looking for an offer from other leagues.

If Chelsea get him, they will strengthen their mid line. Although their current mid line is capable, but a technical player like Cherki is a must. He will create more goal scoring opportunities. In addition to that, he can create deadly chances in the final third of the pitch. The blues have had a tough time scoring goals last season and hopefully Cherki can help them.

Talking about Newcastle, they’re relatively better than Chelsea at the moment and that’s a hard fact. Addition of Cherki to their team will give them more attacking options to explore and choose from.

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