Alan Shearer slams Liverpool player after ‘nonsense’ comments

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Alan Shearer has slammed Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk after the centre-back’s recent comments on playing too many games.

Speaking on The Rest is Football podcast, the pundit criticised the £75m star after Van Dijk publicly stated that top-level players are simply playing way too much football.

Van Dijk isn’t alone in demanding the football schedule to be reduced, yet Shearer believes the Liverpool defender is complaining about nothing.

The Match of the Day pundit said when asked about Van Dijk’s comments: “Nonsense. Players are playing too much football? What. I mean come on.

“I know you shouldn’t mention the money but they have bigger squads than ever, more substitutes than ever and they are getting paid more money than ever.

“You have the best physios, the best technology, the best of everything. Do me a favour!”

Shearer should know better than to support Liverpool’s Van Dijk

Player welfare has seemingly disregarded in recent years with the likes of UEFA and FIFA somehow finding more and more ways to fill out the footballing calender.

Whilst it might seem rich for a professional to complain about playing too much,

The amount of injuries top clubs now currently have speak for themselves,

With Liverpool no strangers to such a problem.

And as a result, Shearer should know better than to support Van Dijk rather than shoot him down,

With top players such as the Liverpool skipper simply playing too much football that is possibly require.

“Despite our previous feedbacks, they have now recommended for next season: longer games,

More intensity, and less emotions to shown by players,” the World Cup winner said.

While Shearer has a point, the likes of Van Dijk, Varane

Other top footballers are force to play over 60 games a season if their team goes the distance in all tournaments.

With football requiring much greater intensity than in the playing days of Shearer,

The frequency of injuries has also gone up substantially, despite modern medical science working wonders. 

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