Abandoned stadium bigger than Arsenal left to rot in china built in 2005


It’s one of the most beautiful stadiums you will ever see, and to Arsenal stadium yet this humongous sports stadium in China has, quite simply, completely abandoned.

It was supposed to be one of the arenas of the Chinese sporting revolution, yet the Nanjing Olympic Sports Centre Stadium is now an empty husk.

In 2005, construction work for the 61,443 seater stadium was completed ahead of the National Games of China. After successfully hosting the national and cultural event, it became the home-ground of Jiangsu FC, who moved there two years later.

With Chinese President Xi Jinping lining out ambitions of turning the country, which is home to 1.412 billion people, into one of the football powerhouses of the world,

It looked set to be one of the many stages to play host to a new football colossus.

Arsenal stadium compared with this china stadium

However, after the Chinese Super League declined during the pandemic and Jiangsu FC went out of business, the stadium has left to face the elements. Daily Star Sport takes a look at what the stadium was then and what it is now.

The stadium, located in Jiangsu China, is currently not being use by any sport teams.

It played host to the National Games of China which went down a huge success in the giant country

When the Chinese Super League tried to takeover football, Jiangsu FC signed Ramires

And Alex Teixeira as part of their football revolution – they strutted their stuff at the huge ground

Jiangsu FC moved there two years later ahead of the rapid rise of the Chinese Super League,

Which began after President Xi Jinping announced his wish to turn the country into a footballing super power.

Several Super League teams including Jiangsu subsequently went on wild shopping sprees with the likes of Brazil icon Hulk,

Former Chelsea midfielder Oscar and Premier League icon Carlos Tevez all completing transfers.

Jiangsu went on to sign in-demand stars Ramires and Alex Teixeira,

But their most audacious transfer attempt was launch in 2019.

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