Ben White Arsenal Commitment: £120,000-a-Week Star Aims to Stay

Ben White Arsenal

Arsenal fans have every reason to cheer as their beloved star, Ben White, has made it clear that he wants to continue his journey with the Gunners by signing a fresh contract. In the world of football, loyalty and dedication to a club often take a back seat, but Ben White’s commitment to Arsenal shines brightly.

Ben White in Arsenal:

Ben White came to play for Arsenal from another team called Brighton and Hove Albion. Arsenal paid a lot of money, £50 million, to get him in the summer of 2021. Some people were not sure if he would be good, but he proved them wrong. Ben White has become really important for Arsenal’s defense. He almost never makes mistakes and always plays very well. His coach, Mikel Arteta, is happy with him.

Arsenal fans really like Ben White. It’s not just because he’s good at soccer. It’s also because he loves Arsenal a lot. He works very hard to make Arsenal better.

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Ben wants to stay at Arsenal for a long time. He wants to help the team get even better. He’s happy that Arsenal wants to keep him. Right now, they are talking about a new contract for him. That means he will be with Arsenal for a longer time.

Even though Ben White is very good, not everyone gives him credit. Some people don’t talk about him as much as they should. But the real Arsenal fans know how important he is.

Arsenal is going to play against Chelsea soon, and Ben White will be on the team. He gets a lot of money, £120,000 every week, because he’s really good. If he plays well in the game against Chelsea, it will be hard for Chelsea to score.


In a world where player loyalty is often questioned, Ben desire to remain at Arsenal is a refreshing and reassuring sign. The Gunners have a gem in their ranks, a player who not only excels on the pitch but also wholeheartedly embraces the spirit and tradition of the club. Arsenal fans can rest easy, knowing that Ben White’s heart is firmly with the club, and brighter days are on the horizon.

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