Chelsea man 21-year-old scores again on international duty


Noni Madueke on International Duty: Chelsea man

Chelsea’s young talent, Noni Madueke of Chelsea, is proving himself on the international stage. Playing for the England U21s during the current break, he has been a standout performer.

A 21-year-old Chelsea player, Noni Madueke, is playing really well for England U21s. He scored a goal in his second game this time, making it three goals in two games. He’s great at playing as a winger. Even though his team lost 3-2 to Ukraine U21s, his goal inspired his team to fight back. His goal was beautiful, and it got fans excited about his future. Now, as Noni Madueke goes back to Chelsea’s training ground at Cobham, he’s sure to bring back confidence that can help the club.

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In just two games, the 21-year-old winger has found the back of the net three times for England U21s. His scoring record is a testament to his skill and consistency.

Despite the England U21s’ 3-2 loss to Ukraine U21s, Noni Madueke’s goal ignited a comeback attempt. His contributions on the field are garnering attention.

As Noni Madueke heads back to Chelsea’s training ground at Cobham, his strong international performances will undoubtedly boost his confidence, potentially benefiting Chelsea in the near future.


This promising player has been turning heads and is sure to return to Chelsea’s training ground, Cobham, full of confidence. With his remarkable goal-scoring ability and overall contribution to the team, Chelsea supporters have every reason to be excited about Noni Madueke’s future at the club. As he continues to shine on the international stage, the anticipation of his impact in the Premier League is growing, making him one to watch for Chelsea fans and football enthusiasts alike.

Young Chelsea winger Noni Madueke is making a significant impact on international duty, showcasing his incredible talent with the England U21 team. During his latest appearance, he scored yet another goal, marking his third in just two games for the U21s.

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