Mikel Arteta interest for Chelsea’s £325K-a-Week Player Raheem Sterling

Mikel Arteta

Recent reports reveal that Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta is a keen admirer of Chelsea’s Raheem Sterling. Their connection goes back to their time at Manchester City, where Arteta was a coach, and Sterling was one of the star players. Arteta’s interest in Sterling goes beyond admiration, as it’s been reported that he explored the possibility of bringing the England international to Arsenal a year ago.

Chelsea Raheem Sterling: Interested Mikel Arteta

Raheem Sterling is a football player who can play in different positions, like in the middle or on the side of the field. He’s now playing for Chelsea and is earning a lot of money, around £325,000 every week. He used to play for Manchester City and joined Chelsea in the summer of 2022.

At Chelsea, Sterling hasn’t been as good as he can be. This might be because Chelsea has had many different managers, and the team hasn’t been very stable on the field.

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Arsenal, the team that Mikel Arteta coaches, has had its own ups and downs. But Sterling’s skills, like scoring goals, moving cleverly, and being quick, could have been really helpful for Arsenal.

During his time in the Premier League, Sterling has played 356 games, scored 118 goals, and helped his teammates with 59 assists. These numbers show that he’s been a great player in English football.

In hindsight, one might wonder what could have been if Raheem Sterling had joined Arsenal under Mikel Arteta’s guidance. Arsenal fans can only speculate about the missed opportunity while they watch Sterling’s journey with Chelsea.


Mikel Arteta, who’s like the boss of Arsenal, really wanted to have Raheem Sterling from Chelsea. They knew each other from when Arteta was a coach at Manchester City, and Sterling was a great player. Arteta thought about bringing Sterling to Arsenal about a year ago. Sterling is a player who can do many things on the field, and he moved to Chelsea in the summer of 2022, making a lot of money every week, around £325,000. But at Chelsea, he didn’t do as well as he usually does, and that might be because Chelsea had many different bosses and the team wasn’t very steady on the field.

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