Thierry Henry suggests Jamie Carragher’s conversation revealed that Jude Bellingham has chosen her next stop

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Thierry Henry claimed, while discussing the Champions League with Liverpool star Jamie Carragher, that he has “an idea” of the team Jude Bellingham will join next.

Before Tuesday night’s second leg of the last-16 between Chelsea and Borussia Dortmund, in which the 19-year-old started in midfield, Arsenal legend Henry sang Bellingham’s praises. One of Europe’s hottest properties, the England international is anticipated to be at the centre of a fierce transfer scuffle this summer.

While Real Madrid has long sought the teenager, who rose through the ranks at Birmingham City, Liverpool leads the Premier League in interest. Henry intimated that he and his partner pundit feel Bellingham would “end up” at Anfield, which is understandable given Carragher’s desperation for the youngster to choose his beloved Reds.

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Henry’s take on Jude Bellingham

“He’s all-round, he’s complete, he likes to show some movement, skills going forward,” Henry said on CBS Sports of Bellingham. “What I like about him is the way he always wants the ball, he never hides whether he has to defend or to attack, he’s always on the ball looking to see if he can feed his strikers.”

“This is what I like about him, he’s willing to try and get the ball back – it’s not only about skills in football. He’s going to get that ball, see if he can play, he’s going to go around and pass it, be available and pass it to his mate again. He can do whatever he wants at this particular moment and we all know this is why a lot of people want him because he has that in his locker.”

“Taking the ball, going the other side, dummying the player and finishing with the outside of his foot, what a player. A lot of teams want him. We all have an idea of where he might end up, Jamie, right?”

Carragher’s response

“Hopefully, fingers crossed,” Carragher responded to the Arsenal and Barcelona icon, who went on to liken Jude Bellingham to Steven Gerrard. “Yeah he does, I have to say,” When asked if the Dortmund No. 22 and the former Liverpool captain have any traits, Henry responded.

“It’s a tough one. I loved the way Stevie G used to play, Stevie G had something – he used to grab his team with him and everyone played better.”

“I go back to that [2005 Champions League] final when he scored that goal, I saw you look at him and go ‘we’ll follow you’, and Stevie G had that. Don’t know if he has that but if we talk about that quality that what he has and if he goes to that team that we all know you love, he can have that impact.”

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