Guardiola expresses his thoughts to the Man City players after draw

Manchester City

After the conclusion of the game at RB Leipzig, Pep Guardiola gathered his Manchester City players on the field and instructed them to maintain a positive attitude.

Riyad Mahrez’s goal was all that was left after City had controlled the first half of their Champions League last-16 first leg in Germany. At the break, Leipzig rallied and earned a draw, keeping the tie alive before the second leg at the Etihad takes place the following month.

Even though the City team may have been disappointed that they were unable to win the first leg, Guardiola insisted that he wanted to highlight how wonderfully his team played regardless of the outcome.

Sharing his message to his players on the pitch, Guardiola said: “They were heads down. I said why are you heads down? Heads up, it was really good the way you played.

“People don’t like it, doesn’t matter. You played the game you should play. At the end Erling, what happened [the late penalty shout]. Sure. it’s going to happen. When you lose the ball in these actions, they [Leipzig] run, you have to have the control that we need to do it.”

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Guardiola positive for the second leg

Looking ahead to the second leg, Guardiola was incredibly positive of both his own team and Leipzig’s second-half comeback.

He added: “Normally there is one misconception in football – after we play the first half, people say how bad is the second half? Why don’t you think Leipzig aren’t a good team? They don’t lose a game for many times. They beat Real Madrid here comfortably. The game against Bayern, first half Bayern were better but the second half Leipzig were much better. I have a lot of respect about Leipzig.”

“What they do good things, is because they are good. Always we talk how bad is one team, why not about how good the other ones? Why not talk our first half was because we did it really well, not because Leipzig didn’t do it. We knew it. I had the feeling, knowing them.” Guardiola said

“The position is four games in ten days, all away. Arsenal was tough, after three days, go to Nottingham [Forest]. We recovered really well. Day after tomorrow we fly to Bournemouth in the Premier League, then three days later we go away again with some injuries. Thats why I put all this perspective.”

“I’m so delighted with how we played. Hopefully we can arrive in good condition. I will learn from today, we will do better. We can adjust something in the buildup. they are really good in the build-up, the runners. Find a way to get through. But it’s the Champions League. We saw the results, big teams from the group stage are in the Europa League now. So demanding, before was easy, now all the teams are really strong. well prepared, good managers.” Man City boss Pep Guardiola said.

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