Klopp speaks to the Liverpool team following the defeat against Madrid

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When asked if he was concerned that the players’ confidence had been damaged by their poor second-half performance, Klopp responded in the negative.

“That’s not allowed, that’s not allowed,” Klopp said.

“I understand that, but I told the boys already, it was a massive knock. We wanted to win the game and we lost it 5-2. How can you think no problem? Nobody thinks that. But a defeat is only a defeat if you don’t learn from it properly.”

“And if we don’t learn tonight that the first half was outstanding, apart from two moments, then we are dumb to be honest. That’s what we have to keep on doing.” said Liverpool boss Klopp.

“We will learn from it and go again.”

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Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool look to comeback at Bernabeu

It’s improbable that there will be a comeback for the away game at the Bernabeu at this moment.

Some players are obviously no longer up to the task after Liverpool’s defensive collapse tonight. Klopp too accepts.

Since a significant rebuild is required, this calls for immediate action in the summer.

With all due respect to James Milner, a 37-year-old shouldn’t be coming off the bench. At a time when your team is losing in the Champions League round of 16.

This shows how far Klopp and the Liverpool team has fallen and how, while owned by FSG, they have been deprived of a sizable club transfer budget.

Although the majority of the midfield has been the subject of transfer rumours, the Reds must sign a new center-back this summer.

Without it, these kinds of performances will keep happening and promising offensive displays would be ineffective.

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