Transfers: Aston Villa looking to sign the former Liverpool striker

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Aston Villa have shown interest in the star striker Luis Suarez. Suarez’s contract ends this Summer and will end up as a free agent. Steven Gerrard will be creating a Liverpool reunion if Suarez ends up signing for Villa.

Steven Gerrard is looking to rebuild Aston Villa in the Summer. He intends to create a unique playstyle, One that fits Villa. However he needs some new recruits in the Summer. Gerrard wants to bring Luis Suarez back to the Premier League in the Summer. Gerrard intends to bring in some much-needed experience into the squad which he believes could help the team achieve his vision for the season.

Steven Gerrard is a big fan of Suarez

Gerrard and Suarez played together for Liverpool back in the day. Gerrard was a big fan of Suarez, In fact, he was such a big fan, he called him the best player he played with.

“I’d say Suarez just because he had everything and I mean, how long have you got to describe him?

Yeah definitely, I’ve played with some top players, your Alonsos, Mascheranos, Torres’, you just felt no matter who you were playing, he was going to win you the game.

Straight away, he trained the way he played. I remember me and [Jamie] Carragher were like ‘I don’t want to play against him in training.’ He was that intense in training. He could embarrass you. Even with things I’m not sure he knew he was doing, with ricochets. He would run over you, he would dominate you, he would bully you.”

Gerrard already brought in an Ex Liverpool player in the form of Philippe Coutinho in January. Coutinho has shown glimpses of his past in his game. Slowly and steadily, Coutinho is regaining his mojo. Gerrard will be hoping Suarez could do the same at Villa.

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