Tottenham bid of €70m for Lautaro Martinez Has Been Rejected

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Tottenham Hotspur has registered a bid for Lautaro Martinez. Their bid for €70m has been rejected by Inter Milan. According to Fabrizio Romano, Inter Milan will only agree to sell the player if a club offers €90m. The Tottenham Hotspur bid came as a surprise as the reported club that was interested was Arsenal.

Last season, Lautaro Martinez played 38 games scoring 17 goals and assisting 6 while winning the title. He also won the Copa America this year with Argentina this year scoring 3 goals. Currently, Lautaro has two years left on his contract and is valued at £72.00m by Transfermarkt. The club recently has reportedly agreed on a £97.00m for Romelu Lukaku from Chelsea. Due to this, the club will be quite reluctant to sell their other Striker. Currently, the club is reported to be liquidating as much as possible. Currently, Lautaro Martinez plays in the front two for club and nation. He tends to play as the secondary striker, the one who runs into spaces. Lautaro Martinez has a tendency of taking long shots and helping the team immensely in the defensive specter.

How will Lautaro Martinez Help Tottenham Hotspur in the attacking half of the pitch?

In Inter Milan, Lautaro played in a front 2 with Romelu Lukaku. Lukaku plays as the target man while Lautaro plays to get the second ball. As a result, This partnership was quite dynamic as each player’s playing style complimented the others. While Lukaku stayed central, Lautaro could go wider or deeper into the midfield to collect the ball. As displayed by his average positions, he is a striker who likes to wander around the pitch to find spaces.

Lautaro Martinez plays in a front two for club and nation. He tends to play as the secondary striker, the one who runs into spaces. Having a tendency of staying central when the ball is lost in transition and to pick it up wide. Last season he was in the top 98% of strikers for interceptions made.

Lautaro Martinez was in the top 90% striker in the following stats

  1. Touches in the penalty box
  2. Interceptions
  3. Blocks (passes and shots)

Being just 23 years old, Lautaro has a higher celling to improve as well. If Tottenham wishes to sign him, this could be a hint that Harry Kane could be leaving the club. Currently, it looks to be an interesting end to the transfer market if all the Tottenham Hotspur makes the signings they wish to complete.

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