The Skipper John McGinn makes Aston Villa dull; Reveals Owners ‘Pressure’

John McGinn

Aston Villa skipper John McGinn puts up his thought in the interview before Villa welcomes Everton at Villa Park. Aston Villa Football Club, founded in 1874, is one of the oldest and most successful clubs in England. Besides, the club are currently ranked 5th in the all-time English top-flight table, since its creation in 1888. They are one of the five English clubs to have achieved European success. Their past success contains 7 FA Cup, 5 League Cups, and 1 UEFA European Cup. But, newly chosen Villa’s captain John McGinn says that “The pressure is there to deliver for the owners”

An Hurdle for both Villa’s Manger Steven Gerrard and captain John McGinn to jump.

The 27-year-old Scottish international midfielder, shows his discomfort towards the current Villa side earlier in the interview. The 42-year-old English manager and former Liverpool successful manager joined Villa last season. Scott Parker’s AFC Bournemouth are back in the Premier League after their two-year absence. Steven Gerrard‘s Aston Villa was outrun by Parker’s Cherries last weekend. The 27-year-old skipper McGinn did express his aims and aspirations for Villa this season. Villa’s skipper shows his desire to lead his team to the top half of the table. In an interview, McGinn said:

“It’s important not to put any targets on it because it would be disrespectful to the league. We had a poor season last year. It probably ended terribly for us.”

He also said,

“We have a lot of ambition and have a lot of talent, we’ve spent a lot of money so the pressure is there to deliver for the owners and, first and foremost, the supporters. There’s a lot of people expecting us and there has to be a time that this group of players deliver.”

The skipper added,

“Now, it’s important not to put a target on it especially after last week because you need to walk before you can run. We need to get in that top-half. That’s what we’re pushing to do and to try and establish ourselves there.”

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