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Newcastle United are in talks to potentially rename their stadium to increase revenue.

According to Sportsmail, Newcastle is considering securing a sponsorship deal for the stadium. It will act as a potential avenue for increased revenue. It also improves the Magpies’ ability to spend more in line with the league’s financial fair play regulations.

The report comes after Saudi Arabia’s finance minister, Mohammed Al-Jadaan, spoke about Newcastle becoming a ‘serious competitor’ in the Premier League.


They will most likely change the stadium name according to sources. However, there is a possibility that the name ‘St. James’ Park’ could be kept in some capacity. The iconic name will also help Newcastle in its rebranding.

Former owner Mike Ashley had once renamed the stadium to ‘Sports Direct Arena’ in 2011. And there was a lot of ire among the fans regarding the decision. Thus, the name remained the same. It was all due to opposition and displeasure voiced by the Magpies faithful.

St. James’ Park has been Newcastle’s home for the last 129 years. So any decision that will be taken will have to be approved by the fans. The owners want to increase revenue according to financial Fairplay. It will help them sign better players next season.

The Premier League clubs had held an emergency meeting.18 of the 20 Premier League clubs voted against Newcastle’s new Saudi owners being able to secure lucrative sponsorship deals. This did not go down well with the new owners. They argue that imposing such a rule change is anti-competitive.

Finance minister Al-Jadaan has recently addressed the evident opposition to their takeover. In an interview with American TV channel CNBC he said:

“I would say if people are worried about competition among clubs, and particularly now we have invested into one of them. That is a good sign that there is a serious competitor coming their way,”

“I am really confident that with the investments coming their way – the community, the stadium – we will see an enhanced club.”

A name change could be on the cards but it all depends on the fans for now. Football finance expert Kieran Maguire is in favour of this move and believes that the fans might let it happen. This is considering how the new owners have boosted the squad and plan to continue doing so. The new owners have a good rapport with the fans and could have their agreement on the matter. If all goes to plan Newcastle could have a different name for their stadium.

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