Manchester City star reportedly interested in a Real Madrid move

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According to a Marca report, Real Madrid are ready to pounce on Manchester City player Hayley Raso

The City supporters love the Australian, but she has struggled to play this season. Real Madrid‘s manager, Alberto Toril, has provided the player with a means of leaving the group. Raso, 28, has only started one league game this season for Gareth Taylor’s squad. Hayley Emma Raso is an Australian soccer player who competes for the Australian national team and Manchester City in the FA Women’s Super League. She played for Everton before moving to Manchester.

Raso’s current contract expires in the summer while she looks to find a new home.

Real Madrid may consider signing Raso to a contract for the upcoming campaign as they seek to advance the team in Liga F. After signing Caroline Weir last summer. It would be the second City player the club would be to relocating to the continent. She has always admired real Madrid for its glory and the legends that have worn that jersey. According to multiple reports negotiations between the club and the Australian are already taking place. According to the Marca source, negotiations between the club and the 28-year have already started. Both parties are optimistic about the deal.

Raso has received 62 Australia caps. She will turn 29 next year. she believes she is at her peak fitness and undoubtedly views this period of her career as a turning point. She is also keeping in mind that there will be a world cup on her home soil where she hopes to shine and bring the cup home. The final decision rests with Raso if she wants a new challenge in her career. The upcoming summer transfer window will be crucial for Manchester city also as they look to find a replacement for Hayley Raso.

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