Manchester City, Real Madrid to contend for Youri Tielemans

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Manchester City and Real Madrid are interested in signing Youri Tielemans from Leicester City.

The 24-year-old joined Leicester in 2019 on loan and since then has made 100 appearances. His current contract with The Foxes ends after 18 months and it is likely that he will not stay.

Leicester City are currently battling for a Europa League spot, their chances of making it to the Champions League are very slim. From the past 2 seasons, they have finished 5th and just a few points below the 4th spot. 

Surely a playmaker like Tielemans can play in a big club. According to Fichajes, Manchester City and Real Madrid are the frontrunners to place bids for him.

Manchester City already have many great options in the midfield and it might be difficult for Tielemans to get adequate playtime. On the other hand, at Real Madrid their legendary midfielders Kroos and Modric are getting older. Tielemans can definitely be a considerable asset for Los Blancos since he is only 24 years old.

Will Manchester City be the best fit for Tielemans or maybe other big clubs?

Youri Tielemans is technically gifted and an intelligent playmaker. He affects the game in different ways, he utilises space, progresses the ball well and only dribbles if necessary.

He not only contributes to the attack but also in the defence as well. At Leicester, he had the support of a DM like Ndidi and often helped his team in recovering the ball.

Manchester City plays attacking football and surely a player like Tielemans can fit in their style of play. However, they certainly have the full power and money to buy better midfielders than Youri. The Cityzens are currently looking for a defensive midfielder.
They have Bernardo Silva and Kevin De Bruyne available, both world-class midfielders.

Juventus have struggled a lot in their midfield. Aaron Ramsey, once a great midfielder at Arsenal is now up for sale with other midfielders as well. Youri Tielemans can certainly play at Juventus as well where he can get a starting spot.

At Real Madrid, their legendary midfield trio is close to retiring with Modric likely to be the first. Just like Manchester City, Real Madrid themselves have identical pull power and money to spend. Tielemans is not their immediate priority but is amongst the list since he can adapt to their playstyle.

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