Arsene Wenger has a go at Jack Grealish

Manchester City

Manchester City lost to Real Madrid in the Champions League Semifinals. City were leading the tie comfortably until the 89th minute when Rodrygo scored. What followed was one of the greatest comebacks in Champions League history.

Real Madrid were behind City by two goals and were behind 5-3 on aggregate. However, Carlo Ancelotti substituted in Rodrygo and Camavinga which essentially changed the game. Camavinga created the chance for the first Real Madrid by lob passing a ball to Karim Benzema who managed to put in a position for Rodrygo to score. Later, Caravajal crossed a ball into the City box where Rodrygo scored once again to give level things on aggregate. The game went on to an extra-time where Benzema was tripped by Dias in the box and was awarded a penalty kick. Benzema converted the spot-kick and gave Real Madrid the lead and ended up winning the game.

Real Madrid moves on to the final and they will meet Liverpool in Paris for the historic trophy.

Arsene Wenger berates Jack Grealish

Arsene Wenger berated Jack Grealish’s lack of involvement in defending and conceding the second goal and praised Real Madrid for the guts.

“When you look at 1-1, when Grealish is against Carvajal, he is passed easily, too easily. He must fight to stop that cross.

You do not want the ball in the box, anything can happen when everybody goes forward. That is where City did not secure the game, depending on the sides. Because they conceded, even when you look when Benzema gave the ball back, they didn’t really attack the ball the defenders, they made big mistakes.

When you’re a manager and you lose a game, you go home and always think, “what have I done wrong?”. The second thing I would say is that what is surprising for me is that this team from Madrid when they need an answer to a problem, they always find a solution.

Let’s not forget they scored six goals against City, they scored six against Chelsea. It is not always the case that City concede six goals in two games. They have something special.”

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