Lukaku is to be seen in the Newcastle United Outfit

Lukaku to be seen in Newcastle

The Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku is to be seen in Newcastle outfit by the summer of 2023 is what the club officials have given a hint of.

Newcastle United are willing to make Lukaku being seen in their outfit

News sources have claimed that Newcastle United are one among the other clubs who are willing to sign in Romelu Lukaku the 29-year-old Belgian striker. Lukaku is currently on loan. He is now playing for Inter Milan, one of the Serie A giants from the English club Chelsea. Lukaku is a player who has been showcasing his talent in the previous seasons he played for Inter as well as Chelsea. Is interestingly a choice for Newcastle United. Only if they are able to finish off well in the Premier League this season. And further, go on to qualify for the UEFA Champions League. Team officials hinted that Lukaku’s experience could be an add-on factor for the team. Which might further help it in performing well at UCL.


Well as the current form of Lukaku suggests, the Belgian striker has been slightly out of form since the football world cup. Belgium after getting eliminated from the race of the World Cup by ending in a 0-0 draw with Croatia. It was Lukaku back then who missed several goalscoring opportunities against Croatia. Which in turn resulted in the ultimate havoc for the team. Lukaku is the highest goal scorer for the Belgian National Football team. Has been slightly out of touch in the Domestic League matches too. Playing on loan for Inter Milan in the Serie A 2022/23, his performance has been slightly on a downslide, with only 1 goal till now. But for a player like him, it is obvious for him to pounce back in form sooner or later based on his previous stats.

Lukaku scored 24 Serie A goals from 36 games he played at Inter during the 2020/21 season of Serie A . Accompanied by an impressive figure of 11 assists. Further lifted the trophy for the team. Even with his English club Chelsea, he aided the team to lift the FIFA CLUB WORLD CUP the last year in 2022. As per the club officials of Newcastle, if Newcastle is able to finish in a good spot in the Premier League points table. And further qualify for UCL, they have future plans with Lukaku.

For Lukaku it will be a new opportunity on board with such commendable performance stats in his footballing career till now. To go into the Champions League with a fresh and high-spirited team. Who predominantly well performed in this season’s Premier League. And further, aid them with brilliant performances. Keeping up with his own ability of scoring and performing well and trying to aim for the UCL. Which remained incomplete for him when he refused to celebrate his UCL win with Chelsea back in 2012. Proclaiming that he wasn’t the one to contribute to it.


The Magpies are currently in a great form in the Premier League. With 3rd position in the points table, they hope to finish off well this season. If further, they are able to qualify for the UCL. Adding Lukaku to the squad, can strengthen the squad to a greater extent and as the team officials suggest. The experience Lukaku brings with him to the team can add a new boost to their team spirit. Especially keeping in track of Lukaku’s last year, 2022’s performance for Chelsea. Which helped them win the Fifa club world cup. Keeping in mind the English footballing conditions and his experience in these conditions itself. Makes him a soothing choice for any English Club.

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