Colombian side will receive Christmas gift due to Liverpool’s transfer.


Colombian side Junior Fc will recieve €8 million from FC Porto. Moreover, they’re going to receive it during the Christmas Eve. But why is it happening? Let’s get into it. Luis Diaz joined Fc Porto from Junior Fc in July 2019. He had a wonderful season there. Furthermore, he scored 14 goals in his final season at Porto. Because of this performance, he started attracting intrests from big European clubs. In the 2021-22 season, he joined Liverpool from Porto for €45 million. Now here comes the cause of the dispute. Between Diaz’s first 2 clubs before he came to Liverpool.

Acording to sportwitness, a percentage of share of money recieved from transfer of Luis Diaz to Liverpool was to be given to Junior Fc by Fc Porto. However, that sum never came to Colombia. Junior Fc then filed a lawsuit infront of FIFA against FC Porto. They wanted their share at any cost. Finally, the Colombian side won the lawsuit against the Portuguese club and Fc Porto have to pay €8 million to Junior Fc by the end of 2024. However, Porto will make these payments in installments. Moreover, Junior Fc can make good use of this amount to strengthen their squad and produce more talents like Luis Diaz in the coming times.

Colombian side have given to Liverpool a much needed attacker.

Fc Junior have just given Fc Porto and Liverpool the best of their talent. Luis Diaz scored 14 goals in his final season for Porto. However, he doesn’t have the same performance for the Merseysiders yet. He’s scored only 3 goals and made 1 assist in 18 appearances for Liverpool in the premier league so far this season. However, we shouldn’t be in a hurry as he’s getting used to this team. Although he hasn’t contributed to goals for the club so much, but he does contribute to Jurgen Klopp’s attacking unit. He takes on multiple defenders before making deadly crosses in the box. In addition to that, we often see him contribute to the defensive unit by dropping in and trying to win balls from the opponents. He’s a player who’ll definitely shine for Liverpool in the long run.

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