Chelsea to make a big move as they want to swap Lukaku for Vlahovic

Lukaku to be seen in Newcastle

Romelu Lukaku’s return to Chelsea during the 2021 summer transfer window did not meet the expectations. His time at the club was marred by underwhelming performances, controversy, and off-field issues. As a result, Lukaku was subsequently on a loan back to Inter Milan for the following season. The move did not pan out as desired, making it a disappointing acquisition for Chelsea. Thus, a challenging period for Lukaku personally.

Meanwhile, it appears that Romelu Lukaku is unlikely to make a return to Chelsea. Hence, the club is considering the possibility of a permanent sale. While Inter Milan was previously in discussions to retain Lukaku, an unexpected contender emerged as a potential destination. Thus, providing a potentially favorable solution for both the player and the clubs involved.

According to a recent article by Matt Law at the Telegraph, Juventus is said to be showing interest in Romelu Lukaku. They want to recruit him as a potential replacement for Dusan Vlahovic. Vlahovic might make a move away from Juventus. Hence, he prompted the club to start considering alternatives. The report suggests that Chelsea could potentially address two needs after striking a deal that involves selling Lukaku to Juventus and acquiring Vlahovic as their new No.9.

It appears increasingly unlikely that Romelu Lukaku will have a future at Chelsea. However, his potential departure from the club could prove to be a complex task. Chelsea will aim to recover a significant portion of the £97.5 million they invested in him. While selling Lukaku may result in a financial loss, the club will be cautious not to undervalue him in order to bring an end to this ongoing saga. Finding a suitable resolution that satisfies both the financial aspects and the club’s interests will be crucial in navigating his exit.

What will be the future of Lukaku and Chelsea?

A move to Saudi Arabia could have potentially provided a significant financial return for Chelsea in the transfer of Romelu Lukaku. But it appears that Lukaku himself is more inclined to stay in Europe. Additionally, Chelsea has made it clear that they are not interested in another loan deal for Lukaku and are prioritizing a permanent transfer. This suggests that the club is actively seeking a permanent solution for Lukaku’s departure rather than a temporary arrangement. Finding a suitable European destination that meets Chelsea’s financial expectations and Lukaku’s desires will be the focus of negotiations.

The potential swap plus cash deal between Chelsea and Juventus involves Romelu Lukaku and Dusan Vlahovic. This could indeed be beneficial for both parties. Juventus would acquire a proven striker in Lukaku, who has a successful track record in Serie A. Meanwhile, Chelsea would secure a promising young talent in Vlahovic. Thus, providing them with a potential long-term solution for their striker position.

Acquiring Dusan Vlahovic as Chelsea’s new No.9 would address the need for a striker. Thus, potentially provide a fresh start for the club. It would allow them to move on from Lukaku, who seems to have no desire to play for Chelsea and has had a disappointing season.

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