Ben White’s pass reminded of Ozil at Arsenal

Ben White Arsenal

Most of the pundits and footballing fans all over the world called Ben White overpriced and overhyped. Arsenal signed the English defender from Brighton last season for £ 50 million.

His performance last season was more than satisfactory, shutting down all the criticism. However, this season, the return of William Saliba has put White’s place under threat.

Mikel Arteta found a perfect solution for this as he placed White in the right-back position. Ben is already familiar with this role as he played a handful of games for Brighton in that position.

The modern full-back is the most important player in today’s footballing world. Not only the player has to provide defensive solidarity, he also has to play byline crosses and help in attacking progression.

Ben White although, stands firm on these traits of a modern full-back. Arsenal have the most number of clean sheets this season (7) and have conceded the fewest goals in the league (11).

Ben White’s jaw-dropping pass

However, the more thrilling part is White’s involvement in attack making his selection for the world cup a no-brainer.

White’s attacking side got even more attention against Wolves in the premier league. Arsenal smashed Wolves to get a 5-point lead going into the World Cup break.

Wolves surely threatened very less, but this resulted in Arsenal’s more attention to those few chances by Wolves. During these rare attacking chances, Ben White showed his jaw-dropping capabilities.

When Wolves attack broke down, White collected the ball in his own penalty area, move forward ad played a magnificent pass toward Gabriel Jesus.

Some surely would have described it as a clearance, clearing any possible attacking threat at that time. However, they’d be wrong. Ben White already spotted Jesus upfront and intentionally played the pass toward him.

Even a magician like Mesut Ozil, who can play a pass to any spot on the pitch, would have been proud of this pass.

Arteta on Ben White

Earlier this month, Arteta said:

“I am really happy with him, he is playing in different positions and is acclimating himself in a great way to that full-back position. His understanding with the players around him is top. I really like him.”

“He trains every single day and he plays under any circumstances. I love the boy.”

Mikel is not the only one who loves White. Every Gunners fan has a place for him in their hearts.

From being overhyped to an underrated baller, it has been a dream transfer for White.

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