Aston Villa targeting Leeds midfielder

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Aston Villa are currently looking at signing Kalvin Phillips. They want to buy the young defensive midfielder as he has impressed on various outings. However, there may be a few factors that will be roadblocks to the signing. The 26-year-old midfielder is also being monitored by Manchester City and Liverpool. However, the player could be staying at Leeds as contract talks are ongoing.

Aston Villa most likely to sign him

Kalvin Phillips has proved to be an excellent player this season. He has been crucial to Leeds’s defense as well as their attack. This has made him one of the best players in England so far. Furthermore, he impressed well during the World Cup and other International competitions. However, due to injuries, Phillips has only started 13 Premier League games. Even though he has been linked with Manchester United, he wants to go to Aston Villa. Since Phillips is a youth product of Leeds, and Leeds and Manchester United are close rivals, it is unlikely that he will move there.

Phillips may have had an injury-filled season but he helped with Leeds’s late push to avoid relegation. This is one of the reasons why clubs are interested in him.

Steven Gerrard is also looking to reshape his squad and turn them into challengers. He has a vision in mind and he wants to fulfill it. To do this, he has begun to target certain players who will come for cheap and will be good additions. One such player is Kalvin Philips. Phillips is his top priority.

Aston Villa will need to pay 60 million pounds for this transfer. So far Aston Villa have spent 350 million pounds since the 2019 season. Douglas Luiz who is Aston Villa’s current No. 6 is in his final year and is lined with a move away from Aston Villa. This could prompt Gerrard to bring in Phillips to take the No. 6 shirt.

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