Aston Villa: Steven Gerrard sends warning to Manchester City ahead of the tie

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Steven Gerrard has warned Manchester City ahead of their match. Manchester City faces Aston Villa in their last Premier League match.

Manchester City needs the win if they are to win the Premier League as the win makes them the Champions. However, if they drop points against Villa on Sunday, they will give Liverpool an opportunity to win the League.

Gerrard’s warning

Steven Gerrard has given a formal warning to Manchester City ahead of the tie. Gerrard was asked whether Burnley or City have more at stake while playing against their side.

“No they haven’t, no they haven’t. Well, maybe from their point of view but I’m not involved in a relegation or a title, am I? I’m the Aston Villa manager. They’re three important points. We’ll have a full house there. We’ve got 20,000 people on a waiting list to come and watch the team so it’s my responsibility to win both games. Thank you.

We want two positive results. We want to finish as strong as we can and we want to improve our league position. Obviously, they’re going to be two different challenges, we know that, one fighting at the top-end of the league and one at the bottom. We need to prepare for both in the best way that we can.

They’re coming within a short space of time so all of my players need to be ready because I’ll be very surprised if the team will be the same for both games.”

Gerrard could win the title for Liverpool on Sunday if he gets the win. Gerrard winning the tie against City would ensure that he gives a fair opportunity for Liverpool to go for the title. He could help them win the title which is something he was unable to do in his playing career. Gerrard would be hopeful for a great display and a positive result as City are without any primary center backs. Moreover, the Villa forwards are in great knack especially Jarrod Bowen.

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