Aston Villa: Carney Chukwuemeka update and more

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Carney Chukwuemeka has given hints of leaving the club in the Summer. The youngster has had a stunning performance against Austria in the Under-19s European Championship. Aston Villa have a daunting task ahead if they are to keep hold of Chukwuemeka.

Chukwuemeka wants to leave the club in the Summer due to unrest within the club. Barcelona and Borussia Dortmund are circling around Chukwuemeka given the situation.

Steven Gerrard gave several opportunities to Chukwuemeka throughout the season. However Chukwuemeka has not been able to make a significant impact. Although Chukwuemeka is 18 and has time in his hands, Villa could potentially be giving up a future asset.

Villa manager hopeful to make Chukwuemeka stay

Gerrard is hopeful for the youngster to sign a new contract with Aston Villa.

“Hopefully he is going to be a big player for Aston Villa, We want him to stay here long-term. We believe this is the best place for Carney. I hope that situation progresses in a positive way.”

Gerrard had spoken about Chukwuemeka after his debut against Liverpool which went against Villa.

“I think again me and my staff have shown huge trust putting an 18-year-old in but we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t think he was ready or had the ability to cope. It will be a good experience and a learning one for him being on the pitch around so much quality. In training he has been fantastic. I’ve said many times if these kids deserve to go on the pitch ahead of those who are older, I’ll put them on.”

Aston Villa need to understand the situation moer carefully before they make a decision. Villa need to either sell the player or keep him before the new season. If Villa are to keep him they need to invest in him and develop him which could pay dividends. However if they are to sell him they could lose a potential future asset.

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