Arsenal planning to make a move for William Carvalho

William Carvalho

“Trust the process”. This saying has been going on ever since Mikel Arteta became Gunner’s manager and finally, the patience is paying off.

Arsenal surely came a long way under Arteta thanks to his brilliant man management and strict nature.

On the outside, you may see his great smile and shiny hair but on the inside, there is a ruthless manager.

This is also responsible for the likes of Aubameyang and Ozil banishing from the team. Also the likes of Hector Bellerin, and Lacazette getting sold by Arteta.

However, Granit Xhaka is a player who still survived under the ruthless side of Arteta.

Surely his place on the team is now justified. He had a proper comeback under Arteta as he went from being booed by his own fans to being a fan favorite.

His stats for this season speaks for him and it is clearly visible that he has been a key player for them.

However not having a backup for him is surely a problem for Arsenal.

With the absence of him or Thomas Partey, Arsenal looks weak and William Carvalho seems like the perfect option as a backup for them.

Is Arsenal ready to sign Carvalho?

Reports suggest that Carvalho is on the target list for the Gunners and he surely can be a superb option for the team.

Carvalho represents the same playing style as Granit Xhaka. The last time a similar player was there to Xhaka was Matteo Guendouzi.

The former Arsenal player left the team in a very controversial manner as he had a fallout with Arteta.

Since him, Carvalho is the guy who represents the type of player Arsenal needs. Although, Carvalho may come with an addition of a better personality and a good mentality.

Both of them have almost the same Xg as Carvalho has 0.17 Xg. On the other hand, the Frenchman has 0.16 Xg.

None of them are too offensive which makes their defensive presence strong. Carvalho makes 1.54 tackles per 90 minutes whereas Guendouzi makes 1.46 tackles per 90 minutes.

Carvalho seems like a safe relying player for that middle of the park.

With all the reviews he seems like a perfect player for Arsenal.

Although, Arsenal would like to make this signing in January only. As it will make their grip on the premier league team more strong.

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