Anthony Martial: Uncertain Future at Manchester United

Introduction: Anthony Marital

Manchester United’s Anthony Martial is facing an uncertain future at Old Trafford, with reports suggesting he’s not happy with his current backup role at the club. The French striker, once considered a key figure in the Red Devils’ attack, could be looking to part ways with the club when his contract expires in 2024. Here, we delve into the details of his situation, his injuries, and what might lie ahead.

Anthony Marital : A fall from grace

Once upon a time, there was a football player named Anthony Martial. He used to play for Manchester United and was really popular because he was fast, skillful, and great at scoring goals. But, as time went on, he got hurt a lot and the people in charge of the team changed.A new manager named Erik ten Hag came in, and everyone thought Anthony Martial would get better. However, he wanted to play more, and that didn’t match what the manager wanted.

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Martial had lots of injuries like problems with his hip, back, Achilles, and leg muscles. This made it hard for him to play a lot. Even though he was ready to play this year, he didn’t get to start in many games under the new manager.

Cross roads in 2024: Anthony Marital

The manager sometimes said nice things about Anthony Martial, like he’s a great football player who can help the team by scoring goals and working hard on the field. But Anthony Martial wants to be the star of the team, and we’re not sure if the manager agrees.

In 2024, Anthony Martial has contract with Manchester United might end, but the team can keep him for one more year if they want. However, Anthony Martial wants to find a new team where he can be a big star again. If he leaves, it will be the end of his nine-year journey with the club.


The uncertainty surrounding Anthony Martial’s future at Manchester United is a reminder of the fleeting nature of success in football and the challenges players face in maintaining their roles. Whether he chooses to stay and fight for his place or looks for pastures new, the story of Martial’s time at Old Trafford is far from over. Fans will be watching closely as the drama unfolds, wondering what the future holds for the talented French striker.

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