Marcus Rashford Struggles: Unlocking the Missing Clinical Touch


Introduction: Marcus Rashford

In the 2021-2022 season, Marcus Rashford had a prolific run, scoring an impressive 30 goals in all competitions for Manchester United. However, this season presents a strikingly different story. Rashford, a star forward for the Red Devils, has only managed to score one goal in a series of games, highlighting his undeniable struggle for form. This stark contrast in his performance raises questions about his clinical efficiency and what might be causing this dip in productivity.

Marcus Rashford Inconsistent form:

He plays soccer for Manchester United. Marcus Rashford hasn’t been performing as well as he did in the past, and it’s not because he’s not trying hard. He’s simply having trouble scoring goals. In the past, Marcus Rashford excelled at scoring, but now he has only managed to score one goal, and that’s not good. He has taken a lot of shots at the goal, more than anyone else in the league. He has attempted 31 shots, while another player, Erling Haaland, has taken 30 shots. But here’s the thing: Haaland has already scored eight goals, while Rashford has only scored one.

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Clinical effeciency factor:

“Why is this happening? Well, perhaps Haaland is getting the ball in better positions to score. Also, Haaland’s team, Manchester City, is performing better, and they’ve scored more goals. This might be making Rashford feel like he has to score, which can be tough.In simple words, Rashford used to be really good at scoring goals, but now he’s having a hard time. He’s taking a lot of shots, but he’s not scoring as much as he should. It’s because his team isn’t doing as well, and he might be feeling too much pressure. We hope he gets better soon!”


In light of Marcus Rashford struggles this season, we focus on his clinical efficiency, or lack thereof. While it’s clear that he isn’t avoiding taking shots, his goal output is alarmingly low. It’s crucial for Marcus Rashford to regain his confidence and composure in front of the goal.

The upcoming international break provides him with an opportunity to score for England and potentially return to Manchester United with renewed confidence. Marcus Rashford is a gifted forward, and his scoring drought should be viewed as a temporary setback. Both Rashford and Manchester United fans hope that he rekindles his clinical touch and returns to the prolific form he displayed in the previous season.

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