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Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba is out of contract at the end of the season. United have not tried to extend Pogba’s contract nor did Pogba want to continue at United. Earlier, Rumors had emerged Manchester City had shown interest in Pogba. A move to City would have had an adverse effect on supporters as they are direct rivals.

However, Pogba has crossed the opportunity of playing at City as he did not wish to move to the rivals. Pogba wishes to make a move outside the Premier League either to Real Madrid, PSG or Juventus. All three clubs have shown their interest in the Frenchman however Juventus remain the frontrunner.

Supporters lost patience very early

Pogba had a difficult career at United. In his six years at United, He has never maintained a level of consistency expected. Pogba has been consistently inconsistent for United over the years. Sir Alex Ferguson shipped him off during his time, being unimpressed by his work ethic. However, He gained an opportunity for a second stint at United and has managed to not impress. According to a survey, Pogba was one of the top 3 players supporters wanted out of the club.

Even Though Pogba is arguably a great midfielder with a great amount of talent, He has failed to replicate at the big stage for United. Supporters lost patience with him rightfully and want him out. Moreover, Pogba was always at the wrong end of publicity as he received mostly negative feedback from the English media. Pundits used to criticize Pogba for his lack of commitment.

Pogba leaving is a blessing for United as it helps them to relieve them of his heavy wages. It would help United to balance its wage structure and could use it in the transfer market next season.

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