Manchester United Are Weighting In to Sign Luka Jovic

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Manchester United is reportedly interested in signing Luka Jovic from Real Madrid. This comes after Real Madrid is open to selling certain players to keep their finances in check.

Luka Jovic had signed for Real Madrid from Eintracht Frankfurt for a fee of £56.70m. This signing at the time came off a bit rushed as Luka Jovic had a wonderful season while at Frankfurt in 2019 while on loan with the club. That season he had scored 17 and assisted 5 goals during 32 games for the club. Back then the player was just 21 years old and had an immense amount of hype. Well, the first season at Real Madrid is one the club and players wish to forget. In his first season at the club, the player started 4 games and averaged a playing time of 26 minutes. He just scored 2 goals and assisted 1 goal.

It must be said that the move to Real Madrid didn’t go as expected by the player who was reported to have been homesick. The player wasn’t well-received by the fans either which led to him losing confidence. Luka Jovic is a case of a play with a lot of talent just being overhyped by the media. Last season he was sent on a half-season loan to Frankfurt. During this spell, he started 8 games and scored 4 goals. Not as impressive but very important for a player who needs to regain his confidence.

Why are Manchester United testing the waters with Luka Jovic?

Manchester United could be trying a very risky tactic concerning Luka Jovic. Currently, the player is valued at £18.00m by Transfermarkt. Luka Jovic is still 23 years old. In the transfer market, many teams have written him off as a wasted talent. Due to this his market value is as low as it can be. Currently, Real Madrid looking to sell certain players, Manchester United can get him on a cheaper amount as well.

If Manchester United sign Luka Jovic, they could start playing him during the cup games and help build his confidence. After Cavani leaves the club, he could become their main striker if he starts playing well, scoring goals and assisting as well. Due to this, the player’s Market Value will rise and when Manchester United wishes to sell him or buy another Striker. Luka Jovic’s value would have risen and then can be sold at a higher amount. If the player is available for a price of £10-15m this season. Therefore the reported transfer would be a steal in my opinion for Manchester United.

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