Luis Suarez focused on Gerrard reunion at Aston Villa

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Luis Suarez is reportedly focused on a Steven Gerrard reunion at Aston Villa. Suarez has already played before with Gerrard for three years at Liverpool.

It seems like Gerrard is getting the old band back together. Aston Villa signed Coutinho a week ago and Gerrard is looking to get Suarez as well.

Coutinho made an instant impact upon arriving after scoring a goal and assisting one against Manchester United.

Spanish reporter Gerrard Romero tweeted that Suarez has already ruled out offers from other clubs.  Aston Villa will have to wait until the end of the season when Suarez runs out of his contract with Atletico Madrid. 

Steven Gerrard has already spoken about him and stated that

“I don’t think anyone ever looks forward to playing against Luis Suarez, he is a fantastic talent and a very dangerous player.”

“He is a fantastic team-mate, probably the best player I have played with.”

How good was Suarez in the past with Liverpool?

Suarez was an excellent striker in the past with Liverpool. In the 2013/14 season, he and Sturridge dragged Liverpool to a title race. The Uruguayan was leading a mediocre team and topped the charts. Note that, in that season Suarez was better than Messi and Ronaldo.

Luis scored 31 League goals and had 11 assists to beat Messi and Ronaldo for the Golden Boot. What is more impressive is that Ronaldo had Gareth Bale and Xabi Alonso. The same applies to Messi who had Xavi and Iniesta to provide for him whereas Suarez had no one. His league record put him at par with Alan Shearer’s goal record in a season. Suarez reached that feat despite missing out on five games. 

Luis Suarez amassed 57 goals and 17 assists over the next 2 years with Liverpool. He was a nightmare for Norwich and had 12 goals and 3 assists against The Canaries including three hat-tricks.

Can Suarez replicate his form with Aston Villa?

Suarez is 34 years old and is close to retirement as well. Luis will experience a downgrade in quality if he moves to Aston Villa from Atletico Madrid. However, he has played in very mediocre circumstances before. 

Suarez can perform well with ex-teammate and now manager Steven Gerrard under the right circumstances, despite his age, he is still one of the best.

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