Juventus prepare to lure Pogba away from Manchester United?

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Juventus are reportedly in pole position to sign Paul Pogba from Manchester United.

The French international left Juventus to join Manchester United in 2016. After 4 seasons he is linked with Juventus and Real Madrid.

According to journalist Rudy Galetti, Juventus are in a pole position to sign Pogba. Real Madrid is also monitoring the situation. 

The report states that Paul Pogba will not renew his contract with Manchester United. He will sign a contract with The Bianconeri. 

The Bianconeri cannot sign him easily because of financial reasons and will have to let go of Ramsey and Rabiot.

Where will Pogba fit better? Juventus or Real Madrid?

Despite Juventus leading the race to sign him let’s assess Pogba’s options.

At Juventus

Pogba has flourished in the past with the Italian side. After struggling with Manchester United in 2012, he left the club and joined Juventus.

Despite a great midfield trio already present, Pogba did the unexpected and earned his spot. 

Currently, if the transfer goes through there will be no need for him to earn his spot. Pogba will get a guaranteed spot in the starting XI. 

He has become a rather consistent player than the youngster who arrived in 2012.

As of now, they are struggling. It seems that they cannot contend for the league title let alone the Champions League.

At  Real Madrid

Real Madrid is currently a transitional side, opting to play the youth. The current Real Madrid team is very different from the 2017 team. 

However, despite these changes, their midfield trio is still at its best. Casemiro, Kroos, Modric are irreplaceable. If Paul Pogba is to come then he will have to earn his spot.

Unlike Juventus, Madrid is in a good position right now.  They are currently 2nd in the La Liga table. Last season they made it to the semifinals of the champions league.

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