Chelsea to gain a sizeable fee if Real Madrid wins the Champions League

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Real Madrid are chasing their 14th Champions League title. Real Madrid are in the final after a 3-year hiatus. However, Real Madrid are not the only one benefitting from winning the trophy, Chelsea will receive a hefty fee if they end up winning.

Chelsea sold their star player Eden Hazard to Real Madrid in the summer of the 2020 season. Hazard has a Champions League clause inserted in his contract. This clause ensures Chelsea receives a bonus fee if Real Madrid ends up winning the title. Hazard is still paying dividends to Chelsea even though he last played for the club back in 2019.

Real Madrid’s road to the final is a mighty impressive one considering the opponents they had to defeat. Real Madrid took on the likes of PSG, Chelsea and Manchester City and came out on top. The interesting part about the matches was the fact that Real Madrid was never the favourite and rightfully so. Real Madrid always ended up in losing positions and had to come back from behind. However, Real Madrid cannot be written off, especially in the Champions League. The players have the UCL DNA injected into their veins. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Real Madrid rose from their ashes like a Phoenix and have made it past every hurdle in their way. They have a single hurdle in their way in the form of Liverpool. Real Madrid have to make it past the mighty Liverpool to write an important chapter in their history.

Real Madrid and Liverpool: A rough history.

Liverpool and Real Madrid share a rough history. Both teams met in the final of the 2017/18 Champions League where Real Madrid came out in the top 3-1. Karim Benzema scored a brace while Gareth Bale scored an outstanding overhead kick. However, The talking point of the match was when Mohamed Salah was taken down by the then Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos. Mohamed Salah recently said he wanted Real Madrid in the final. Mohamed Salah wants revenge and he will do his mighty best to attain it. Moreover, Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti lost to Liverpool in the historic champions league of 2004/05 where Steven Gerrard inspired a win for Liverpool after being 3-0 down at halftime. Ancelotti will be hoping for revenge as well.

All in all, This Champions League final will be a great one and will be remembered for the ages.

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