Neymar to have rejected Newcastle United


There are rumors regarding Brazilian superstar Neymar leaving PSG in the Summer. PSG have recently extended Kylian Mbappe’s contract. The contract gives Mbappe almost full control over the club. Moreover, this means that Neymar is no longer the main man at PSG. Neymar is looking to move away considering his new situation.

Newcastle United have acquired funding from the takeover in December. The new owners want to turn Newcastle into a “superclub” similar to Manchester City. However, the Manchester City route requires a big signing that can attract others to the vision of the club. Manchester City had Robinho who inspired others to join the club. City became the club that is today because of the signing of Robinho back in the day.

The Newcastle interest

Newcastle United want their “Robinho” and believes Neymar to be their heir. However, according to reports, Neymar has refused a move to St James Park. While it is difficult to imagine Neymar playing for the Magpies, They are one of the few clubs able to handle his wage demands. Neymar is currently on a 650K/Week at PSG. Since PSG already have Mbappe on a huge wage, they want to get rid of Neymar. Although there are reports Neymar is likely to have his contract automatically extended to 2027.

Neymar does not want to leave the club whereas PSG wants to get rid of his high wages. Neymar has rejected one of the clubs that can give in to his demands. Newcastle United dodged a bullet as Neymar is injured more often than not and has a poor work ethic while being one of the most talented players on the planet. Newcastle should use the funds to buy some cheap players who can lift their squad up in the long run.

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