The Best Apps To Help You Prepare For The World Cup

World Cup

The World Cup is coming to a television near you very soon.

That’s right, Qatar 2022 is just around the corner. It’s the usual football festival we love every four years, but unlike every other competition, it takes place during the regular season, in November and December. It will be a World Cup unlike any other, with some games played simultaneously, maybe even when you’re supporting your League One or League Two team. 

Sporting News reports only a handful of top leagues will stop for the duration of the competition. To accommodate the move to Qatar (the less said about that, the better), the Premier League and Championship will cease for a few weeks, but League One and below will continue as normal.

That means a busy schedule for football fans around the country and a pressing need for a bit of organization; England might even play at the same time as someone like Derby County and Portsmouth, which is a big issue for some. That is where apps come in’ there’s an app for almost everything, and rest assured, there are plenty for the World Cup.

The most popular apps will likely be games; for mobile users, football games are plentiful. You might want to prepare with match action on something like Soccer Stars. You might be a budding manager and want to fill in time before the big kick-off with a game such as Top Football Manager 2023.

There are so many games based around football that it is impossible to list them all; Gala Casino even has a football-themed title called 11 Champions. Away from online casinos, there are running games such as Ronaldo’s Kick N’ Run, trivia games and a host of others.

The games might keep you amused and fill a gap between matches on television, but they won’t help you keep track of what’s happening in Qatar. For that, you’ll need a different type of app, and luckily, we’ve got you covered there too. If games are not your thing, but the World Cup is, these are the apps to download before the November kick-off.


The first app you will need is the official FIFA World Cup app. There are bound to be plenty that brings results, tables and the like, but for a major tournament such as this, you’re best going with the official app.

That’s because you will get live updates and schedules and other features that only FIFA can deliver, such as highlights from classic matches, backstories on the stars of Qatar and all the match data you could need. Of course, if England progress and draw either Germany, Portugal or Argentina, you can relive all of the heartaches from the last 40-odds years. Who wouldn’t want that?

Forza Football

If you go down the route of an unofficial score app, then Forza Football is one of the best. Sure, plenty of others are out there, but Forza stands head and shoulders above the rest. You get the expected features, such as live scores, schedules, updated tables and player stats, but there’s so much more.

There’s a news section for all the latest news and views, as well as match highlights for those fixtures clashes Qatar 2022 will throw up. You can set up notifications also, so even if you’re working during matches, a ping in your pocket lets you know something significant has happened.


In today’s world, it is just as important to have a good social media app during a big tournament. Twitter isn’t football-specific, but it is all you need if you follow the right accounts. Follow the official FIFA account for live scores, follow your favourite pundits for immediate reaction, and maybe a few friends to enter into a discussion.

Twitter is the app for a football fan looking to remain informed, engage with other supporters and stay abreast of all the latest developments. You can even get player reactions and comments from officials if you follow the right Twitter accounts; it could be the only app you need for the upcoming tournament.

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